1. Battle Of The Fittest Writers Begins!

Trish! One Moment Writing Away, The Next In A Parallel Universe!

I opened my eyes, looking around this strange place I found myself in. Where was I? Wiping the sweat off my forehead, I looked around. I was standing alone in a vast, empty white room. The walls were painted a bright shade of white, illuminating light.

Just a moment ago, I was in my room, swatting away at annoying mosquitoes and having a violent PG-rated conversation with DanniTaylor on Protag. The last thing I remember before 'zoning out' was getting attacked with by a huge fat dictionary.

And now...I was here...


My voice bounced off the walls, echoing along the endless room. And that's when I noticed a figure faraway in the distance. It was slowly walking toward me. I couldn't yet make out the physical appearence of this being as I squinted, trying to figure it out.

But then it struck me...

I knew who that figure was, slowly walking toward death's hands. She was not going to survive against me.

"We meet again!" I called, knowing she'd hear me. An evil grin spread across my face as I thirstily waited for her reply.

Soon...would be more then just the clash of the titans and mafia gang wars...

An epic warrior would appear out of this battle, and only one would be left standing.

The battle of the fittest writers begins!

The End

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