Random Object Fight!

Two people are drawn in to a random object fight.
Where will it lead?
What will happen?
And most importantly: Who will win?

This story is one of a battle.

A battle, which would bring amusement and joy to the faces of story listeners, eager eyes wide with anticipation and longing for more.

Generations of these children would learn countless lessons from the following pages, discover secret truths about friendship and emotions. Following success and failure, joy and anger, enemy presences and friendship, the world will evolve. Through these children, this legend will live on. 

Here, my friends, the battle starts. Little do they know it, but the fate of Trish and DanniTaylor lives in these pages.

Will they discover what they truly are? Where will their battles lead them?

And, most importantly: Who will win?

Let us begin.


The End

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