Foundations, flimsy as spiderwebs, some fall apart to be sewn up and stitched back together countless times. Others just collapse and melt away. More silver thread makes the web thicker, stronger, more detailed.

Substances are smoothed over the web, to bind the threads together, tighter still. More material sticks to the substance.

Then it is sanded. Smoothing over rough edges. Sometimes they go too far, take away so much that they must keep unravelling until there is nothing left but the ashes of a beloved idea. Sometimes the intricate process is done carefully. Everything is perfect.

Then the painting. Soft paint brushes with a million colours dripped over the structure. Another way to either destroy or perfect. Yet it musn't be too perfect, not clinical. It must be passionate. It must use the paint that is a potion made of part of the creator's soul, heart and mind.


The End

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