Cliff Diving

“What the hell are you doing now?!” I looked up to the top of the cliff at Rich he was stood in a short sleeved top and shorts looking down at the vast blue lake. “It seemed like a good idea,” he shouted, taking a few steps back, preparing himself for the jump. He looked wild his short brown hair and bright blue eyes shining in the sun. He looked at me and excited adrenaline fuelled grin on his face, his eyes glinting before he ran to the edge and leapt. I managed to drag myself to the edge just in time to see him hit the water. I rolled my eyes. It was typical of him to be always looking for the next adrenaline rush, the next insane activity that could ultimately cost him his life and yet somehow never did.  I pulled open the door to the jeep that had taken us up from the beach to the top of the insane cliff he’d just thrown himself off of and stuck the key back into the ignition so as to drive back down to where Rich would be dragging himself out of the water, as he came down from the rush and would be again searching for the next thing to give him his hit. To describe him as an adrenaline junky would be somewhat of an understatement, I started up the engine and put the jeep into gear and pulled off down the small track down to the beach. I parked a switched off the engine just as Rich pulled himself out of the water, dripping with seawater and laughing cheerfully, I shook my head opening the door and jumping down onto the sand and watching as he came bounding over to me.

“Don’t even think about hugging me,” I held my hand out in front of me so as to stop him from soaking me as well. “awwh come on Nat,” He extended his arms out as if about to throw them round me and hug me close. Instead I grabbed a towel off the front seat of the jeep and threw it at him laughing, “not a chance,” He rubbed the towel over his dripping black hair and draped it over his shoulders smiling at me as if it was just a normal day. “so what to next?”

The End

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