It was dark, not the sort of empty dark that you get out in the open at night but the all-encompassing, close, claustrophobic dark. That’s the only way I knew I was inside. I reached out to my left a felt a cold metallic surface, it was smooth and unyielding. I could feel the same sort of texture behind me through the thick jumper I’d been put in. I knew it wasn’t mine as it smelt unfamiliar. I tried to stretch my legs out in front of me but could only get my knees to a right angle bend before reaching another wall, this one made a more wood like noise as I knocked against it while my right side was again another metallic material. I discovered this by shuffling a little and reaching out to that side until I came in contact with yet another metallic surface. The right side was slightly different however as there was a small grove running from top to bottom. The grove was near the back of whatever container I was in but it still didn’t move, no matter how hard I pushed against it. The top was made of the same wooden material as the side in front of me and the base was made or the metallic material.

I felt around the corners noticing a draft around the edges of the wooden sides suggesting they removed or something. I pushed hard against them but yet again they didn’t move, instead I was just rewarded with splinters in my palms as the wood was rough and a burning ache in my legs from pushing so hard against the rigid plane.

There were muffled sounds of machines outside, clanking and grinding of metal on metal. I couldn’t hear any voices but that didn’t mean there wasn’t anyone out there. The crashing of waves suggested a dockyard or at least somewhere by the sea. I heard a muffled shout, unintelligible through the wood and metal of the box and over the sounds of wherever I was. I opened my mouth to shout but was cut short by the sudden motion of the box being lifted. I could hear the screeching and grinding of the thing lifting me, presumably a crane. The box swayed gently as I was turned and again gently placed on a different surface. A slight knock on all sides alerted me to the thought that I was surrounded by other boxes. I knocked lightly on one of the sides, not expecting anything in response and unsurprised when nothing came back. 

The End

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