Mother DearestMature

They say a mother's love is the best kind, the strongest kind. They say to not bite the hand that feeds you. But what happens when the hand that feeds you bites you?

She's been in the foulest mood all day and she shows no sign of stopping. My dad and I are always closest for this exact reason. We feel the same way about people; we can't stand being around people who are miserable, snappy, just plain horrible as it gets us down to levels that can't be described. It's worse when it's your own mother/wife. The power she puts into her words cripples us if we let it. My dad says that he's learned to just ignore her when she's being a woman but how am I supposed to block out the raw power of a mother's voice?

When she's happy, she has a very warm face. Her face is raw and sharp when she's in a negative mood and her tongue sharper. It hurts to look at her, it hurts to hear her. I just want to get out.

She asked me about my revision and how was my plan going even though she knows full well I don't do revision plans and I get on very well without them. I told her that my only plan is to revise hard for two days before the exam using the syllabus and the main source. I tried to explain to her and my brother that the syllabus contained every single thing that would ever come up on the exam. By brother took a few attempts to understand by comparing the revision guide to the syllabus: the syllabus has EVERYTHING that could come up on the exam, the revision guide may be missing some detail here or there. My mum clearly didn't understand and said something like, "So, to do well, you revise stuff you don't need to know." Wtf? If she doesn't understand, can't she just let me get on with it as I see fit? I managed to get through eight mother fucking exams without any problems with the system I use and she insists that a plan is the best way to do it; that what ever way I'm doing things probably isn't the best way cos I must be retarded or something, I'm not smart enough to work things out for myself. Well thanks a fucking bunch for the vote of confidence from you mother dearest. I'm sure you'll be just as disappointed in me on results day when I smile at my results and you're still going on about plans, planning, plans for the plan. And For WHAT?

If you could at least smile. I would be grateful.

The End

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