Rambling and Ranting About All Sorts of Rubbish


I've become bored. Of life basically,doing the same things day in day out,saying the same things over and over and the thing I hate is feeling differently all the time. Mood seings,crying for nothing,my friends are no help really.

So I hide,come here at my pleasure with my headphones in,locking the world out for a various amount of different times and write. I write absolute rubbish like now,everything on this website I have written is the rubbish that comes off the top of my head,no lies and I'm not saying it to 'attention seek' it's a true fact,it's just that some people like my rubbish,rambling about different or similar subjects like this.

But I have a few select people that make me smile with the messages they sned which is helpful,but I still don't know if they will hurt me,I'm cautious of that all the time. See,I'm ranting on and on. Maybe you should click off this page...


But have you ever felt in a good mood because of what one person has said,when you try not to,you just can't? I get this feeling and these are what I call 'unexplainable feelings'

Yes there are many prettier,skinnier anf funnier girls out there

But I'm happy with my rambling and ranting rubbish

The End

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