People have been asking me how I'm doing lately and I reply as usual : I'm doing fine.

But I'm not sure that's true.

Hell. It's NOT true.

I think it's because I'm leaving Sierra Leone day after tomorrow and don't want to feel the way I feel right now. So instead, I'm just blank. You know: normal. Smiling and laughing and eating and watching television and singing and all. Because that's what I do right? 

And most kids do that during the summer so my parents have no reason to doubt me. Well the only thing they DO doubt is how long I'm staying up each night since I look like a zombie the next morning. A certain "someone" tends to keep me up and knows how to entertain me and keep me smiling but besides that, I'm pretty much emotionless these days.

I don't want to feel bad about moving for the fourth time in my life. 

So I won't.  

The End

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