Thunderstorms and Twirling

I think Sierra Leone's really in it for thunderstorms this summer. It's been raining continuously the past few days and my urge to go and dance underneath the beautiful droplets of falling water is killing me.

The thing is : I can't. Seeing as I'll be traveling soon, my parents don't want to risk me falling sick and neither do I because I hate being sick. Yet I can't help but stare longingly outside the window as the rain forms puddles on the surface of the once spotless floors.

There's also a beautiful garden within our house compound (which is quite huge actually). And the rain forming beautiful little drops on the surfaces of the leaves and roses makes me want to photograph it all and take a mental picture to keep forever.

I also want to twirl. I did. After taking a shower and I imagined it was raining. But that's not real enough you see.

The funny thing is : I love the rain. I love lightning. But I hate thunder.

So when it comes as a combination with the latter included, I'll probably be jumping than twirling really.


The End

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