Goodness = Good Heart

Goodness :

What is the key to happiness, really?

You have different kinds of happiness I think =>

good happiness

evil happiness

That's the two I can come up with now. I think 'evil happiness' is obtained from having power. The kind Lord Voldemort had before Harry kicked his sorry ass. *cough* Sorry for the language. Just sounded awesome saying that. *grin*

Evil happiness isn't even happiness at all. It's just a dark lust for power (later leading onto insanity of course) and deriving some sort of sick satisfaction from it. That's not happiness. I don't think so.

Good happiness however comes from doing good things! Like helping people and being the reason for a smile on someone's face by giving them a reason to be happy. It means you're being a good person.

And being a good person = having a good heart.

Having a good heart = cuteness.


The End

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