Innocence = Precious

Innocence :

Children are cute. That's a statement that everyone has to agree with. Babies are cute, toddlers are cute, and all in all - children are irresistibly precious. But children aside here (that was very hard for me to write) : I think cuteness is found within people who are innocent at heart. And please don't combine innocence with naivety here. That's not what I mean.

The way a 15-year old girl might drop an ice-cream cone and then look around to see if anyone saw her = cute.

When one of my friends accidentally mistook a word for another and ended up defining the wrong thing in class = cute. 

It's not just about the looks. Wavy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes does sound adorable but just because someone looks cute doesn't actually make them cute to me. I make no sense, forgive me. 

But being innocent, I adore that. Being naive is a completely different thing to me, and I've been said to be naive quite a few times by people but I certainly do not like to associate it with being innocent. 

Innocence to me is the state of not knowing what's wrong or right, questioning the world because there's yet to know more about it...being guiltless.

And I find that PRECIOUS.

The End

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