Typical. Dot .

Note : I tend to say 'typical' a lot. And I'm talking about teenage peeps here, so no offense to those of you who are older and are probably thinking "NO. SHE'S WRONG." I probably am, but hey, that's why I entitled this "ramblings". ;)


"You're cute." 


Typical reply to a typical comment which most typical guys or girls say to their typical crushes. Yada. 

The thing is - do we all interpret it the same way? 

If a typical guy was called cute, I'd imagine he'd say: (husky masculine voice) "So what, I'm not hot?" 

Whereas, a girl who is on the receiving ends of the compliment would think: (girly high voice) "WOOT! HE SAID I'M CUTE! SCORE!"

If I'm wrong, go ahead and comment. But that's what I get out of this compliment.

But really...what IS cuteness? Do you know? Do I know? Does it matter on the person who it's being said to? 

The End

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