Rambles from Beyond the Ether

We all like to talk. Don't we? But more so we all like to write. I tend to ramble when I talk about things with friends. And one of them once said "I wish I could write down all that she's saying cause it sounds absolutely ridiculous" So I thought to myself : why don't I ramble on here? We'll both get a kick out of it, you and I. So prepare yourself for a load of..."WHAT is she going on about?"

So this work is just going to be about me...and my strange thoughts on things like:

  • The sky
  • Colors
  • Movies
  • Pigs
  • Stories (yep yep!)
  • Boys (cause this species is just too hard to figure out)
  • Travelling
  • and Cats!

Just a whole lot of things that my mind tends to wander off about.
You see, I have four different sides of me: 

  1. The academic-faithful and serious nerd (not that I'm intelligent or anything. I know less than a squirrel with a brain the size of a pea would)
  2. The writer inside of me that loves, loves, LOVES to write stories and make up her own worlds
  3. The part of me that people rarely see and only few have truly
  4. AND the crazy side of me that's almost always creating trouble

Trishy number 4 shall be the one writing this piece of work on Protag. Because she's the one that starts rambling in the first place. 
And...we shall start with...the concept of cuteness. *grin*

The End

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