Rainy day

A brief description about getting drenched on a rainy day

The thunder clouds rumbled. I looked up to the sky as it began to pour. The wind angrily tossed my hair around, as I stood rooted to the ground enjoying the silence that prevailed. The raindrops hit my skin, and cooled my flushed face. It was calm. No one enjoyed a storm, but the inkling of destruction made me revel in the darkest part of my mind. The earthly smell set my senses alight. I saw fire, not rain.

The sun hid behind the clouds in fear of the tempest, leaving the skies grey. Water was associated with calm, but everything has a dark side, and this was it. The wind howled as if to seek attention from the admirers of the downpour. 

It was my wishful thinking to hope for a deluge, as I was drenched to the bone, sparkling drops of water rolling down my skin, taking the heat with it . The macabre beauty of the lurid temper of God was attested with every tear that the clouds shed, splashing the surface and making the earth cringe. The rain applauded, oblivious to everything in praise of  the storm's fury. No one was prisoner to his temper.

It was beautiful

The End

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