Just something I'm writing looking out my window, at the heavy rain

It seems as if the heavens have sprung a  leak, seeing the way it's raining. A large one, at that.

The rain is coming down in torrents, washing the city anew. People are hurrying down the streets, covering their heads with anything they find. Raincoats, handkerchiefs, plastic bags; anything to save them from nature's fury. The streets are flowing with muddy, dirt-coloured water, making them a miniature obstacle course for anyone wishing to navigate them. The trees look greener than ever before, reveling in the downpour. They are being whipped to and fro, the wind trying desperately to destroy them, but the trees are enjoying the fight. My window is slightly open, and I shudder as the freezing water hits me. It chills me to the very soul, but in a way, I enjoy it. The water droplets are collecting on the bars on the window, sliding along them with ease to join the other droplets, and finally falling with a hesitant 'drip'. Right here and now, I want to abandon my homework, and go join this dance of nature's. its a wild dance, uncalled for, but I am sure that I will enjoy it thoroughly.

The End

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