Rahul's Dream

It was night. A dark night. Rahul woke up as the door opened. He found that his Grandma had come.  His grandma comes only once a year a to meet him. This time she was late.  When her grandma entered, she went to kitchen and Rahul heard her and his mother arguing something about Mars which Rahul was unable to understand.

Rahul was always curious to know where does his grandma lived. He was 13 years old now but among him this was still a very big mystery.But his Mother and father knew this secret. They never told Rahul that they were the ancestors of the beings who live in Mars! They do not looked like them as they were living at earth by hiding their identity. Her grandma was also a Mars resident. She came to earth by a bus which ran from Mars only.

When his grandma was going back, he saw her going towards a bus which came through the sky. He was shocked. He planned to go after her. He swiftly got into the bus, so that his grandma didn't came to know. After a few minutes, the bus and starting flying in the sky upwards. After five to six the bus landed on moon. When it landed on Mars, anything he could see was only and only space. But after some time, the land of  Mars just, just opened like a door. He like others also went down. He was so surprised that he stared that place for a full one hour. But after some time something hit him on his head and he fainted. And when he opened his eyes he found himself on earth and thought that this all was a dream only as his grandma did something on him with her special powers.

The End

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