1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. (I chose SHINee)
2. Turn on your music player and put it on shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble: you start when the song starts, and stop it's over. No lingering afterwards.
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Hotarubi by Dir En Grey
There was no word to describe how he looked, not unless Minho had the ability to think of a made up one. The way he walked with his back turned to him, bit by bit creating a large gap between them, never to be filled again. Each movement was strong, yet graceful, a lot like when he’s dancing. His heart didn’t hurt, it probably should have, but it didn’t, and he couldn’t figure out whether or not it was because he felt numb, or because the sheer perfection that was slowly fading away from his vision was too hypnotizing to allow any feeling run through him. The glow of his golden hair was all he could see now.

Hotarubi… that’s what I see.

Illuminati by Malice Mizer
The ropes bound around Taemin’s wrists and ankles were too tight, the sharp frayed bits cut deep into the boy’s skin. Minho entered the room again, this time accompanied by his bag of ‘toys’ saying something about making him pretty, making him look better. Taemin shut his eyes because the blade that was drawing close to his chest was too frightening to look at. He suppressed a scream as the cold metal was dragged across his bared skin, the cut was then prodded by rough fingers. A low chuckle could be heard before he could feel lips pressed against the fresh wound. More cuts were made, and Taemin could feel himself get tired. He found himself wishing that maybe this time, he won’t wake up, but then mentally slapped himself because if he left, who would look after Minho?

Marionettes by We Converse
‘I’m a photographer.’ He said.
‘The concept is puppets’ He said.
But he never told Taemin that he would be flinging him around the room, suspended by strings attached to the roof of his studio. The pain was too much to handle, his words of praise weren’t helping at all. This wasn’t the only time Taemin felt as if he had no control over his body. But the pressure of being a dancer wasn’t as bad as the pressure of being made into a living puppet, controlled by a mad man with a camera, a remote control and a raging erection.
Fucking creep gets off seeing someone in pain.

Hydra [Buzzout Mix] Dir En Grey
It was like everyone was watching him, how mesmerizing he looked as he danced along to the beat of the bass that shook the ground, each movement captured perfectly by the blinking strobe lights. Everyone was looking at him and Minho hated it; he had no idea why, because he didn’t even know the kid, but as soon as he saw him, he decided that the boy was to be his, and no one else’s. He wanted so badly to walk up to the beauty that was that boy, and join him, but he didn’t, because just the thought of not being able to see the fluid movements that the unknown blonde was making made his gut clench. He would wait, and endure the hatred he felt towards everyone who looked at him with adoration… he would wait.

Honey Vanity by Közi
Minho felt ashamed, really, to be seen at a theme park, riding on the merry-go-round, but when he saw the smile on Taemin’s face, all that shame disappeared, replaced by the feeling that he imagined would be like if he were high on drugs. As long as his Taemin was happy, he would be happy too.

Rescue Me by Tokio Hotel
It’s been four months… four months of this. Usually Taemin would make an effort to hide any anger or sorrow, and wait until he’s on stage with the rest of the group where he can dance his heart out, and then everything would be okay. But now he hides in the bathroom, locks the door behind him, and turns to the sting of metal through skin. No one ever said a word about it, or chose to ignore it. Sometimes Taemin would sit and wonder how they all didn’t hear his crying the night before, because they all sleep in the one room. Not even the umma of the group thought to ask if he was okay, and it made him feel rather insignificant, only there to make them look good when it came to dancing, and to give the group an “adorable, innocent maknae.” Ever since Jonghyun used him, and Minho told him he’d look after him, and love him, then slept with Jinki, then Kibum scolded him for having sex with Jonghyun, the teen was never the same, and will never be that same boy he was so long ago.
He often wondered why he chose to give up school and family for fame and four blind men, but he wasn’t about to quit, not that easily, maybe one day they’ll notice.

Just Before Shock by B2ST
Taemin was frozen in his spot wondering what on earth had come over his hyung. He swore he could hear his heart beating hard in his chest, like a hammer against cloth, his stomach fluttering with what he guessed was what they meant by ‘butterflies.’ Their lips met, and Taemin’s body went limp, caught in strong, familiar arms.

Mitso no Tsuba by Dir En Grey
He was angry, what didn’t Minho get about that? His hooded jumper was pulled over his head, and hardcore music played unnecessarily loud through the headphones the teen wore underneath is hood, major indicators that scream ‘don’t touch, or you’ll be lacking in hands.’ Yet Minho was still trying to plant kisses on the younger’s lips, hands still trying to find their way to Taemin’s butt. One kick to the crotch, and the annoying man was on the ground, leaving Taemin free to lock himself in the bedroom until he was ready to come out and apologize.

Electric Heart by SHINee
They were playing back the finished product to the group, and once the song had stopped playing, it was time to make comments. Minho was slightly confused because Taemin looked adorably pleased with himself, while Jonghyun looked like he had just jizzed in his pants or something.
Where were Taemin’s parts?
They were in the van on the way back to their dorm, every single one of them yelling excitedly about how great the new album sounded. Then it was explained that Taemin had improved so much, that he sounded a lot like Jonghyun, which left Minho feeling rather idiotic for not recognizing the voice he loved the most.

차라리 때려 (Hit Me) by SHINee
Minho hated seeing Taemin in pain over the stupid things he would say or do. He wanted to feel that pain, not make the one he loved feel it.
Just hit me instead of feeling angry.
He didn’t deserve the pain, he didn’t need the stress, but whenever Minho tried to think of a life without Taemin in it, he couldn’t think of anything. So he stayed being this selfish person that told the one he loved fake promises, and cheated on him too many times to count.
Make me feel the pain you feel.

The End

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