Suitcase Shopping

‘I consider that £700 for a motorised suitcase is a tad expensive.... and no, it's not a fashion statement.’

The man stood outside the suitcase shop, eagerly gazing in at the luscious suitcases there on display. One suitcase glimmered, just a little, as the artificial display light shone on the pair of zips placed carefully, like a bow, onto the suitcase’s lid. And it caught the man’s eye.

Making sure no-one from the busy street was looking directly at him, he placed his palms onto the window, and gazed admiringly at the large box. It was a deep brown in colour, and looked to be made out of leather- though the man knew that this could not be the case. (No pun intended there). There was a small black levered handle poking up out of one of the suitcase’s sides, but what made this object truly special were the wheels and what they were connected to: a motor.

Imagine that! A suitcase that, at the touch of a button, could glide around and you wouldn’t even have to pull it! You’d have everything you need there: left and right buttons, a forward and a reverse, a start and a stop!

The man was almost frozen to the spot, ever so eager to continue looking at this genius product of mechanics, and ever so tempted to enter the shop and buy the beauty. But yet, there was still one more thing to do…

Slowly, letting the seconds skip by, the man drew closer so that his nose was almost touching the glass. He squinted down towards the little off-white card placed about five centimetres away from the suitcase’s wheels, anticipation setting in; the man really wanted something so… unique, but on his teacher’s salary he doubted he could afford even the most meagre of things.

The shock, when it came, was far more intense than the man had ever assumed it would be. He yelped back into a passing pedestrian (now slightly annoyed that a strangely-clothed man had collided with her) and stared at the window for three long seconds. He knew there would be quite a price for the special case, but £700? For a suitcase? £700! The man would not have it. He would march right into their silly little suitcase shop and demand that they lower the price for such a ridiculous contraption! Then he realised how selfish he was being; fighting would solve nothing and greed had just got the better of him for once.

Sadly the man lowered his head, and walked with his eyes downcast all the way home to his dusty flat.

The End

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