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Question one:

Pretend that the world is going to end in three days, but God came to you in a dream and told you that you, and someone of your choice will survive. God also gives you 4 cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish, goats, dogs and cats; as well as 16 peach trees, grape vines, berry bushes, apple trees, orange trees, pear trees and14, 20 kilo bags of wheat seeds in order to survive.

Now pretend he said that only you and that person will live on earth for 30 years alone before God create's any more people to populate the earth (meaning no reproduction between you and that person for that time).

So who will you choose and why?

[My choice: hmm... if God was going to create people after 30 years, then I wouldn't need  someone to reproduce with.* I would only need someone to help with animals and crops, so I would choose my brother because he would take iniative and create a house, barn and food storage. Probably even make a well and get water and stuff too. So yeah him.  ]


The End

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