The Desire to Create

Creativity lies along a fine line between hobby and addiction. It stems from an overactive imagination and flourishes under the constant downpour of ideas. With enough time and effort, this avocation borders onto fixation, like a drug. However, it rarely becomes problematic (not insinuating that there are not negative effects, because there are).

Teachers have instructed me that temperance is the key to a healthy body and mind, and it holds true. Eat too much and it can lead to a plethora of complications, such as heart disease and clogged arteries. Indulge yourself in drugs, and sooner or later your body will deteriorate as a result. If moderation becomes the forefront of mundane scrutiny (and in some cases, spiritual), the tabernacle of our soul will be a robust and sturdy bastion for the heart.

However, if creativity neighbors obsession, how far can we journey before hitting rock bottom (if there even is a rock bottom)?

My entire life revolves around the fanciful delusions of fictitious personalities interacting between the convergence of media. Whether it be reading a book, watching a show or anime, or playing a video game, the minds of others speak to me in meaningful ways.

Only recently have I begun to respond (or correspond if we want to get technical, as I am a writer) to these voices, by sending a piece of my fantasy to others. Sculpting realms with infinite possibility is one of the world's most enticing adventures I have embarked on. And I have yet to scratch the surface of what I am capable of.

Art has impacted me in such a way that it has become my preferred career path. I will recall another time in the future on how video games affected me, but that should hint to you that I strive to become a game developer. As a medium, I personally believe it is the most immersive and malleable. Video games generate a world around the player, pulling them into a dominion crafted from zeroes and ones.

Perhaps video games is what drove me so close to the edge of creativity.

It is suffice to say that the boundary of creativity can be determined by a skewed reality. If the imagination grows too large, reality and the realms beyond will collide and assimilate. Our minds will be treated as interlopers to two separate worlds at the same time. We will be aliens to separate realms that merge together in our vision.

And worst of all, the two cannot be discerned.

That theory should not deter anyone from creating, however. Continuing to assert your brain power will be the best way to culminate your ability to shape new worlds, and begin to understand the one we have been thrust into.

Without creative thinkers, the world would fall to shambles. But without austerity, an overactive mind will send you to a purgatory of reality and imagination.

The End

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