Divergence: Part II


There's still so many experiences I had with Divergent, and now, I want to get into the faction system.

Naturally, I wanted to see what faction I would fit best in.  The wonderful Internet helped me out with that as I found the movie's test.  Sadly, I felt this one to be a bit inaccurate.  I was given the result of either Candor or Dauntless (which if you have more than option, you are Divergent).  I thought Candor was definitely not in my personality because frankly, I'm not a truthful person.  No, I'm not a compulsive liar either, but I wouldn't be able to live my life as an open book than anyone can flip through if they wanted.  

Dauntless seemed a bit like me, as I enjoy adventuring new, unknown things, and facing my fears in dreams.  I live by the quote, "Fear is just a thought."  Whenever I'm nervous about anything, I tell myself that, and suddenly, I'm not afraid anymore.  I might just be brave enough for Dauntless, but that's a stretch.

In the back of the copy I had, there was also a short quiz in the back.  In that one, I got a slightly altered result: Amity and Dauntless.  Strange combo, I thought to myself.  It made more sense than Candor though (and let's not talk about my abysmal score for Abnegation).  Dauntless was a recurring outcome, but above all, Divergent.

Have you ever seemed like a character was too much like you, that the author actually put you in their story?  This happened to me when I read Divergent.  It was odd, but I am similar to Four in so many ways, it's uncanny.  Four's well known for his incredibly dark eyes, and if you read my first exercise in this collection, you'd know I do too.  He also has black hair just like me.  I'm not making this up, either.

Did I mention I have a mild fear for heights? Because I do.  Any amusement park ride that drops me from a fixed height (excluding roller coasters, I LOVE roller coasters) sends chills down my spine, and raises my heartbeat to extremes.  Four had the same fear in his landscape, but admiring the view from so high up wouldn't have frightened me as much.  Also, he is Divergent, and every test I took led me to believe I would be Divergent.  Did I also mention that he has a knack for computers like I do? (I'm a nerd, sue me.)

Divergence in general was such an unknown while you read this.  Tris is never truly explained what a Divergent is, but it has something to do with being on a higher level of awareness, in my experience.  Being aware that she is in a simulation reminds me a lot of my lucid dreaming, because they are one in the same.  When you can be 100% conscious in your dream, you just lucid dreamt *insert medal here*.  This made me truly believe that if I was in the Divergent universe, I would be Four.

Divergence is such a beautiful thing.

The End

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