My Dark Eyes

I like to ask questions about the world around me, and then answer them the best I can. I thought this would be a good way to discuss. I have it collaborative if anyone wishes to add to what I've said. Let's come together and answer questions of the universe.

Like any other child, my eyes were born a light blue.  I understand that the iris develops over time, and darkens if my cells want to or not.  That’s genetics, isn’t it?  Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I realize how dark my eyes became.  I can barely discern the point where the iris collapses into the pupil.  They nearly blend with each other, and it led me to wonder.  I look into the eyes of my family members, and yet, their eyes are much lighter.  You can see the brown pigment reflect off the lights of the room, every time.  My eyes rarely catch a reflection, and on a camera, never gives me red-eye.   

Now that I’m in the process of writing The Timeless Girl, I start visualizing the dream again, and something bothered me.  The girl’s eyes, as I described, were “a facade to her innocence” and “a curtain of lies.”  I closed my eyes, trying to remember the scene as best I could.  I saw her eyes, and realized they were mine.  They were my eyes.  They were dark like mine, and now that I look back on it, this dream had so many more underlying secrets that I had to keep searching for.  It was June when I had this dream, but I keep a dream journal to recollect the dreams as well as I can.  When you lucid dream like I do, you want to keep track of it all.

So I ask myself, Why are my eyes so dark?  Genetics would be the obvious answer, but in my studies of spirituality and philosophy, I believe now that events occur for a reason.  Maybe I see things that others don’t, but surely not.  I’m not someone who’s been called to do something great, and I don’t believe in callings.  If you want to be a hero, that is a choice.  If you want to change this world, that is a choice.  Society in my eyes is very messed up, because we pour our hearts into material wealth, and focus so little on wealth in the heart.  Love’s definition has been changed to a selfish one.  However, just because I believe these things doesn’t mean I don’t have faith in change.  I have hope for generations after me, because humanity has almost always risen to the occasion whenever they realize that change needs to be had.

Well, this became so much more philosophical than I thought it would.  I just had a sudden thought about why my eyes are darker than usual, and wanted to write about it.  Well, fellow Protagonizer, have a great day, and ask yourself questions about everything, even for the sake of asking.  That’s what the crow does in our spirits, right?

The End

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