Kym Jetson didn't have anything against Kim Possible.

In fact, she woke up every morning to the theme song. This morning was no different, as the familiar tune began playing and a couple seconds later a groan could be heard from underneath a pile of pillows and blankets. Soon the theme was shut up and a thump echoed around the house as Kym slumped out of bed. She felt absolutely nothing towards going to school, nor could she if she wanted to. Her mind was too busy focusing on one thing and one thing only: not climbing back into her warm bed.

Just as she was about to allow herself five more minutes when something caught her eye. A heavenly light was seeping through the window, covering her room with an unearthly glow. Kym scrambled to the window and peeked through the blinds, gasping as a beautiful purple light caressed her cheek. There was an almost warmth to the light, and for a moment she wondered if it was the northern lights. Then she remembered where she was: Roswell, New Mexico. Much to far south for the northern lights. Then was this just the sunrise..? Please let this not be another U.F.O. sighting. She'd gotten enough jokes from family members over in Manhattan about finding aliens to last her for a while.

Grabbing her slippers and a jacket, she decided to run outside and take a picture. Leaning out her front door, she snapped a couple shots before heading back in, settling down at the table to eat her daily Cheerios. When Kym went back through her photos on her phone, something made her drop her spoon and zoom in the best she could. 

"What the?" Kym asked herself, not bothering to finish the sentence. There on her phone was the sillhoette of a young woman with her hands outstretched, up in the middle of the purple light. Chills ran up and down Kym's spine, as she ran outside again to see if she was still outside. Instead of the sillhoette, there were dim, wilted sunflowers leading down the street. Rushing over, Kym saw something that confused her even more. The sunflowers seemed to spell something out..

Chasca. Well then. That didn't help. 

Getting back inside, she opened up Safari and started a Google search.

The End

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