Meita: Only the Begining

"He's gonna be tricky Orphian don't force yourself" I turn to everyone else.

Faces that I've grown to known. One's that I've shared loss and heartbreak with.

Ones I fought and defended for.

"We'll just have to stick together" I tell them.

"But how can we beat Apocalypse he's almost invisible?" Nero asks taking my hand. I grip it back tightly.

"We'll train and be ready for him.... but first I think we should move"

We all look up at the decrepid building.

"That costed a lot to build" Ian mutters and I watch as Zazi comforts him slightly.

"Well, this is only the begining and I have a place we can go to"

"Oh no I'm not-"

"Shut up Ian its our only option" I look up at the sky. "Like I said this only the begining and we have to get stronger if we want to defeat Apocalypse"

The End

The End

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