Meita: Why is it always me?

I kick against the ground and notice that I'm just making it worse cause with each kick I'm sending of strong wind currents sending earth flying. I stop and fight against the power's flicking through my skull.

My powers are going crazy and it hurts.... it hurts so bad. I know people are trying to fight apocalypse but it's no use.... he may be only a kid but his powers are beyond anyones imagination.

I hear Kayden get hurts and Brandon and Orphian attack Apocalypse.

Why is it me? Why is it always me?

I sit up just as Nero reaches me. I hold a hand out gesturing to him to stop.

"I need to do something" I whisper and I turn to look at Apocalypse. Brandon fights but I can tell he's in pain as he trys to stop his small brother.

But Apocalypse dodges each punch, kick and power blast almost gracefully with an arrogant smile. I curse then rubbing my hands together a tornado forming around them I shout "Brandon! Orphian! Move"

They jump out the way. Then spinning in a circle I send the tornado at Apocalypse.

The boy tries to stop it but my will over it is stronger, ever since the boost, and it throws the boy back of his feet.

We watch silently as he gets to his feet wincing. "I'll get you soon Meita" he whispers then disappears.

"God, why is it always me?" I moan.

The End

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