Zazi: Kayden and Apocalypse

Meita tells me that Violet’s death was Arc’s fault but I don’t know whether I can accept that yet.It just feels like any time I try to befriend somebody, harm falls on them- and this time the harm caused death…My heart hurts like it’s being burnt whenever I think of her.

“Violet was special" Meita then says. I know, I think, Far too special to die like that…

My thoughts are interrupted by a shout from nearby: ‘shut up you!’ Orphian had just said. I frown; how could he have heard what we were saying, talking in the quietest of whispers at the other end of the large garden.

" Not you. Apocalypse." Orphian replies, but I still don’t what he is on about. Suddenly, Meita puts a hand to her head and almost falls in agony.


“…Apocalypse…” she manages to whisper.

“What? I’m sorry I don’t under-” I begin but stop as Meita gingerly lifts a thin hand to point at a spot in the garden. A spot right behind me. I spin around to see a figure standing with one hand outstretched towards Meita.

“Apocalypse, I presume?” I snarl, pushing any humane thoughts out of my head and becoming ‘one’ with the nature around me, “Stop that now! You caught me in a very bad mood; not wise.” I pounce at him whilst desperately calling in my head, KAYDEN. APOCALYPSE…TELL EVERYONE…NEED HELP. GARDEN.

She arrives with most of the others less than a minute later, and not a moment too soon; Meita has been released from Apocaypse’s hold, but now he is trying to manipulate the Earth around me to grab and *thwack* me with vines and stiff branches.

“Zazi!” Kayden yells as she enters the garden, and this momentarily takes Apocalypse off his guard. Just long enough for me to slip out of his grip and for Kayden to start running towards him too.

On seeing her, Apocalypse  flicks out his hands lazily and instantly Kayden is thrown over five metres, through the large glass windows, landing heavily on the stone floor of the house.  Several screams of ‘Kayden’ are heard, but to me, it’s now like the World is moving in slow motion. Suddenly it seems to speed up again, and I am standing beside the crumpled heap that is Kayden; there’s nothing I can do, and other people like Aurili are starting to tend to the wounds. I hear Apocalypse’s evil laugh from the garden (Jeez, for a six-year- old that kid is evil!) and can see Brandon and Orphian trying to battle him.  I still feel angry at Orphian for the remarks against Ian, but now I also feel a bit of respect for the guy risking his life, once again, for people like us. But I suppose that’s what being in the UNIT is: working together and risking our lives for the freedom of others.

The cut on Kayden’s head is bleeding badly, but I don’t think about her wellbeing now. All I can think is ‘It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, it’s all MY FAULT!’ I turn away from the girl and run as fast as I can upstairs, the voice in my head constantly muttering:

It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault!

The End

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