Orphian: I honestly don't think Zazi likes me.

I did what Meita advised me to do. It took a while but eventually my lazer where just as efficent and didn't rip or disturb the air. I continued to practice when Zazi and Meita came out. Zazi saw a few of the tree's I had hit. Which I stopped realizing that Those should stay.  She gave me an ugly glare. I honestly think i got on her bad side. Well that was me opening my mouth and speaking my mind. Ug I was starting to hate this place to much and the sensitive people here.

"See what I mean." Apopcalypse said.

" Shut up you!"  I said

" For now."  He said.

The two girls turned around wondering who I was shouting at. I put on my oh great they think I'm a lunatic face.

" Not you. Apopcalypse." I said

Zazi still looked confused. What ever I walked off  I had trained to what I wanted to get to today. Sometimes I wished that I could do what I wanted not what was right. If I did what I wanted I would have left here long ago and now lay dead somewhere. What was right was staying here waiting for some form of plan.  If I had plan noone would help me with it.  But i don't even know how to kill a kid with the power of anything. He could probaly make an army of people just like us or worse clone us and have us fight among ourselves. Not even knowing who the real one was. But I was intruiged fighting myself would be such an educational or lethal experience.

I sat on the green grass.

" Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it."  Apopcalypes commented.

The End

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