Zazi: Changed

I walk into Meita as I go out into the garden to rest from my stress-related tension, leaving Ian inside in my room. “I hope you’re going to think about what I’ve been saying,” I told him as I left, but locked the door for safe measure. It’s more about people getting in and harming him, than vice versa. Apologising to Nero, I take Meita aside back into the garden where I see Orphian practicing his lazer-fire. I scowl as I see a couple of already scolded trees, but quickly remind myself that I had promised not to get into an emotional fight after Vi had died.

“Meita, I have two things I want to ask you.”

“Ask away.”

“1. Do you really trust Ian? ‘Cause I do, but I don’t think half the UNIT believes me, and I’m worried I might be biased. I’m also worried that he’s not welcome but where else can he go? He’ll be killed if he goes back to Apocalypse and I can’t bear that thought…again.”

“Don’t expect everybody in the UNIT to suddenly be okay after what he and his allies did to them-”

“But I know he’s changed! I felt it when I resurrected him; some of my power went into him…”

Meita’s pretty face becomes a scowl for a second, but she says, “I think I trust him, but, you know Zazi, he’ll need to be supervised.”

“I can do that.” I pipe up instantly, then blush bright red at my sudden eagerness.

“You wanted to ask me another thing?” Meita responds.

“Yeah…Um…Is it my fault that Violet died?”

And with that I feel my bottom lip start to tremble and I burst into tears once again.

The End

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