Meita: Stress

I felt stressed. Urrr, why does it always have to me making the hard disisions I don't even want the stupid attention.

But I had it so the choice was mine. I felt something disturb the air and went down stares out to the garden. I keep my arms tight across my chest.

"What are you doing?" I ask seeing Orphians body charged up.

"Training" he says releasing the energy. I shiver and Orphian looks at me strange.

"My powers we're increased further and you're riping the air" I say explaining it.

"Oh, sorry" he says turning to face me.

"Meita" I hear Nero shout.

"Outside" I call back. He comes through the door.

"There you are. Hi, Orphian" Nero says smiling. I walk to him and rest against him.

"If you let your body do the charge and not think about it when you blast it won't rip the air" I say.

"Okay I'll try that" Orphian says nodding.

"See ya" I say turn and walking back inside Nero following arm around me.

The End

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