Orphian: New colour , more power.

After Tami woke me up and realising I was out for a couple of days I decided eating would be a good choice. I made myself a bagel with cheese and bacon. It was about 3 In the morning so no one was  going to go crazy and wants some. Afterward I began to train some more. This time I started from the blue charge. I trained for 3 hours before I even decided to try black. Black was such a heavey and destructive charge It was bit of a risk.  But my fears where just an under estimation of my own strength.  After 2 hours of that people began to wake up. So I stopped the training to target practice but I noticed I could hold a stronger charge.


I began to charge past the black charge. I began to stop eminating black , but green energy. I could control this charge better than the rest as if it was more stable. I compacted a charge something I could never achieve before. I aimed and fired at the surrounding ocean.  Boom! A small exploision erupted from the fire A gaint cloud of steam rose. A giant wave was comeing towards the island not big enough to be a tsunami. But large enough to say it could tip a pretty stable boat over.  I didn't want to know the results if I shot one at somebody. I released the energy I felt a certian amount of acomplishment. Could I make more powerful charges than that? If so what was the limit?

The End

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