Ashton: What the!

I tapped the wall, to see what has happened since the last half-hour that I tapped it. My power extends beyond people, it also helps me know the memories of structures, books and cars, among other things. Unfortunately, what I saw was infuriating. I immediately left the lab to find Apocalypse.

"What the hell was that about!"

"Ashton, what a pleasure."

"I advised you not to do that. Meita, when put under extreme stress will use extreme measures!"

"Calm down, that's what I want to happen."

"Right, so you want to die."

"No, I want to win. She can't possibly be that strong."

My blood began to figuratively boil.

"She can't be that strong. She can't be that strong! What the hell are you thinking! I touched her, I know everything that she knows, she is very powerful!"

"So, she is lead to believe."

"If she was lied too she wouldn't trust it, she's like a lie detector."

"Unfortunately, Ashton, you are wrong. She isn't that strong, you think the files that everyone was able to see were the truth? No. The real files are in a library, somewhere in the south-pacific ocean. And I can access them, and she is not that strong."

I was curious now.

"OK then, how strong is she, what did you find out?"

"She has miniscule power over the wind, simply slashes and high velocity vortexes. She does have a defense mechanism, but that degraded with age. Infact, it's last working year was 2015. They thought they could re-implant it during that time."

"So, the defense mechanism won't activate?"

"I'm saying it doesn't exist anymore."

"Oh, well then, in that case, prod and poke all you want."

Then I touched him again for good measure, and I got all the information instantly. I couldn't believe he would hide it from me, but it is my job to find out every now and then. After which, I simply walked back to my lab, to concoct more expiraments.

The End

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