Meita: Ear piece

I take the earpiece and leave Aurili in the kitchen. I go straight to my room avoiding everyone. I slip the earpiece in then.... wait.

"Ahh, Meita. So nice to now you worked it out" Apocalypse voice comes clear.

"You've got Ashton" I push the thought through but keeping it away from Kayden.

"Yes, but he came of his own free will....... I want you to join as well"


I hear a cold laugh. "Are you sure? I'm only going to chose a few and besides I have Contemno"

"You wouldn't dare use him on me"

"Maybe not...... but I read your file Meita" God, how many people have read my file I hardly know the gist of it and it's my life. "You are very..... loyal"

Then it hits me. "Don't you dare hurt anyone or you'll have me to deal with"

"That's why I'm offering a choice much like Ian's you..... or them?"

Then he was gone. I removed the earpiece and used the air pressure to crush it. The begin to softly cry...... then fury burns through my veins.

I hate this.... I will not be thrown around.

The End

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