Ashton: Well, mathematically speaking...

Apocalypse walked into the lab.

"What do you have for me?"

"What do you want?"

"Our chances of winning."

"Well, mathematically speaking, they do have a stronger strategy than us."

"That doesn't matter, we can get them with force."

"Not really, Jade has the ability to control time. She can just freeze time around us and Orphian can then turn me into swiss cheese with his lasers."

"Are they that co-ordinated?"

"No, usually Brandon and Orphian are the charging calvary, it's highly unstratagetic."

"What was your strategy for them against me?"

"First I was going to get Jade to freeze time around you. After that I was going to get Meita, Rephy, Zazi, Brandon, Orphian, James, and Ryan to all use brute force on you, but then I realized that Zazi was very iffy, so I decided to get Kayden to keep him under control. After that, Spenser, Nero, and Felek would torture you extensively. Felek having the ability to increase luck, and so the torture methods of the other three would be increased. After that I would get Adam, Aysh and Morph to all try to get information out of you. After that Tami would teleport you to a remote location where Aurili and Jade would make time move backwards and forwards on you eventually trapping you in a five-dimensional universe where you would be scarred, physically, emotionally and mentally."

"I love how you treat me so well."

"Well, I was working for them, but they have so much power at their disposal that they are the ultimate power in the universe, yet they are too thick to understand that."

"I understand, what are our chances with them?"

"If they continue with their current ignorance, we have a chance of complete victory. However, if they get a breakthrough of a sudden idea, we die horrible deaths. Though, none of them, with the exception of possibly Jade, could figure out the idea of trapping someone in a five-dimensional universe by running two different currents of time around them."

"What happens to us if we die?"

"I won't be on the battle field with you."

"What, why not?"

"Stay on the sidelines, just as I did with Ian, except Ian was a jerk so I allowed certain security systems to be overrided so that Meita and the others could escape and survive."

"Yet, Ian is still alive."

"A fact that I still don't quite understand. I assume, that since Zazi has control over the earth that she used the lifeforce energy from the earth to ressurect him."


"Indeed, so just go do something else."

"What will you do if I die?"

"I will probably go back to teaching university math."

"I see, what about the Unit, all the people there, don't you care about them?"

"I have no patience for morons."

At this, Apocalypse simply left, and I continued with my work.

The End

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