Orphian: Recovered enough.

Damm it! I don't care anymore if i rip my wounds back , and bleed  I couldn't sit any longer. I walked outside with overconfidence with only one thought in my mind. GET STRONGER!  I wasn't going to allow my weak frail body get in the way. It was going to get stronger with me.  I started with some warm ups like push up running, tummy crunches, and some stretches. So far no bleeding.  Then I began to charge which by the way makes my body heavier especailly If I hold it for long periods of time which is also good training because longer I hold a charge the more pure the releases. If I could get used to that I could fire more efficent lazer blasts.

It didn't take long to re open up the wounds. I contineud through the pain as small droplets of my own blood dropped to the ground.  After an hour of holding basic charge and training I charged to more powerful charge. Hold more running training.  after that I continued to the Black form of the charge the most powerful charge that I knew of.   But 10 minutes into that my body finally had enough. I collapsed to the ground I guess i pushed a little to hard. But atleast I have enough strength to not blow up. I slowly released the charge.  My body was warm , and full of lactic acid. Good training day. I closed my eyes and sleep took over the kinda sleep you get when your totally exhausted.

I woke up with a face over my head my vision was sorta blurry.  " Are you insane. Your supposed to be on your arse on a couch eaten muffins. not pushing you body past its limits! "  I think it was Tami.

" Yeah but I don't sit well." I said refocusing. Yeah it was Tami , " Thanks. Did you you help me earlier?" I asked.

" Yep. Wanna get a muffin?" She replied.

" Uh , no thanks not terribly hungry. This is sorta stupid question but I'm going to ask it anyway. Why are you helping me? I thought you would be in with the others."

" Yeah but thats was like 2 days ago." She replied teleporting.

I was out for 2 days I looked down on my body most of my wounds are now healed scars. That was a good rest.

The End

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