This didn't sound right. I mean, even though Ashton wasn't my favorite person in the world, I didn't want to do anything like this, behind his back. I almost pulled out, but I knew I would lose the trust of everyone else. Anyway, I had little time to think about it before it started.

Kayden was suddenly in my head, and I had to banish such thoughts. I wrote down all the codes that I saw, for seemingly hours. I scrawled hastily, barely seeing what I was writing. The codes were all I saw.

Line after line, on and on. It took me by surprise when the flow of images suddenly ceased. I swayed, and Brandon, thankfully, caught me before I could hit the floor.

"Done." Adam said, smiling. He looked rather exausted, though. As it seemed I wasn't needed any more, I started to my room.

"Codes." I sneered. "I swear I'll never want another one in my life." Just sitting there, I thought about poor Apocalypse. He was only six, and probably had no idea of himself. Like a computer. I wished I could find him and I wondered if he was actually as bad as the rest made him out to be.

The End

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