Adam: This had better work!

I watched Ashton leave with Apocolypse. He thought he had enough information on everyone but he forgot me. I'm glad he didn't touch me a second time because he now doesn't realise that my powers are getting stronger. I'm a technopath anyway, thats all that would be relevant about me to him, and he knew that already.

I'm not sure he forgot me so much as he couldn't actually find me. Nobody knew where I was. I'd been hiding from everyone because I needed to think. Hiding in the machines. It takes a lot out of you to change your body to code. But once I was inside I could regenerate energy from the actual machine, as long as it was active. See that's what Ashton doesn't know... I'm now a level 3 child of the meteor. I'm guessing Meita is around a level 7 while Apocalypse is a level 9. Anyway, that's where I'd been when I saw Ashton leave. He couldn't find me and Apocalypse was waiting.

Poor Ashton. He thinks he has the one up on us all because he's so much smarter, but no matter how smart he is, I bet he can't read binary. And if I don't like him, I can make sure the machines don't like him either.

Sitting in the secret room Aysh had helped me make for myself, I turn and flick my computer on from standby. It's time to show Professor Clever Clogs just how intelligent we children of the meteor actually are.

I call to Kayden with my mind, telling her to bring Ryan, Brandon, Jade and Aysh with her. I no longer care that Ryan seemed to like Rephy. I love her and hope she loves me. If not well I guess there's no point in fighting over her if she doesn't feel the same.... I hope Kayden heard me as I switch into the main system and the outside world goes black.

Code flies all around me in circles, lines, triangles, any shape you can possibly imagine. I reach out to the numbers and start to bend them to my will. It's sapping a lot of my energy but I don't care. It's working.

I keep going until I hardly have any strength left to disconnect. Then I use the last energy I have and unlink from the main system and fall off my chair. I'm still lying on the ground when I realise that Kayden is standing over me with the others. And Rephy is hanging upside down from the ceiling and looking at me worried. I grin and drag myself to my feet.

"Jade," I look at her. "I'm going to link into the machine again in a while and I'm going to take part of Kayden with me, she'll use the other half of her mind to send images to you and you will write down the code you see. Then I'll disconnect and Brandon and Ryan can tell me everything they know about their brother and then after that... Aysh you will make things that Jade needs to build a machine that only I can use. I can't build it and you can't think it. If powers are used to make it then Apocalypse can use powers to destroy it. After it's built I'll tell you guys the rest. Brandon, Ryan you guys will need to help them with building it...I imagine you're good with a welding torch and toolkit?"

Brandon nods and looks at Ryan. "Let's do it then."
Ryan is looking at me strangely and I wonder what he's thinking. Kayden rests a hand on his shoulder. "He's not going to kill Drake. He's trying to help him. I've seen his vision." She smiles at Ryan and he grins back at her and then at me.

"Ok lets roll!" he cries and I hi five him and Brandon before sitting back down in the chair and putting both my hands on the main system links.

"You ready Kayden?"

I feel her prescence like a light touch in the back of my mind and then I link up.

Don't panic Kay, it'll feel strange at first but you're only half in the system so you can't get stuck here. I'd never let that happen to any of you guys.

I feel her relax a bit and then I get to work. Binary, binary, binary... I hope Jade is able to get this all. I can only do this twice at the most with Kayden. Otherwise it could cause damage.

The End

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