Zazi: Recovery

“You okay?” A voice brings me back to my senses.

“Go away,” I mutter, and roll onto my other side, away from the person.

 It’s all my fault Violet’s dead. If I had stayed she wouldn’t have been like that.

 I soon realise that (a) sleep is not going to come any time soon and (b) neither is the person beside me going to go away. I open my eyes. I have been placed on a bed, but it’s not Violet and m-it’s not my room. Quickly I shut my lids again.

“I don’t wanna talk. Go away,” I grumble.

“Sulking won’t help, Zazi…” This time I recognise the voice as Kayden’s. I open my eyes and see her sitting on the edge of the bed dabbing my head occasionally with a damp cloth. I also see Ian in the room, looking dazed and wrapping a couple of bandages around gashes in his arms. I hope the others didn’t do that. Kayden sees me looking at him, and glances hurriedly in his direction. I notice that she has put as much distance as possible between the two of them but doesn’t seem to be as violent with Ian as the rest of the household.

“Ian…?” I whisper; Kayden frowns at me, but after a second announces uneasily that she ‘has things to do’ and exits the room.

“She doesn’t trust me. With good reason,” Ian moves to my side.

“What happened?” I ignore his pessimism, and reach out to touch the bloody fabric that once was his shirt. Ian pulls away from my touch, anger flitting into his deep blue eyes.

“My little Project Apocalypse. That’s what.”

I sigh, and attempt to climb out of the bed that holds me here, but Ian places a hand on my arm and forces me back down.

“I’m fine! I don’t need to stay here.”

“Zazi, why did you bring me back?”

“To help destroy Apocalypse-“

“No, you didn’t. Why did you bring me back?”

I don’t know how to answer this question. Why did I bring Ian back? I don’t want to feel what’s in my heart, but how can I ignore it?

“I trust you, Ian. I think your death was unfair.” I finally settle on. At least it’s not completely a lie.


The End

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