Meita: Cube

When I've finally stopped crying, I get up and go to find Aurilli in the kitchen. Her hair is messed up and she obviosuly been crying as well........ Everyone's been crying.

"Aurilli" I whisper. She turns to look at me

"Can you heal this?" I say revealing a large cut in my side.

"Sure Meita" She says walking over and pressing her fingers. I sigh when its done. "That was almost infected why didn't you come earlier?"

"Was a bit bizzy?" I whisper. ".... I need you to do something for me"

"Anything" she says shrugging.

"I need you to rewind this object" I say pulling out a cube.

"A cube?" she says confused.

"It's a deactivated telepathic comunicater...... They come in sets and I think apocalypse has the secound one" I mutter. I watch Aurilli shrug then touch her fingers to in.

The changes back into a ear piece and I smile at her.

The End

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