Ashton: Hello, Apocolapse.

I was standing, creating a new strategy without Violet. Then, something interesting happened. As I was writing on the whiteboard the walls to my left opened up and in walked Drake. He spoke first.

"Hello, Ashton."

"Greetings, Drake."

"Call me Apocolapse, I like that name."

"How drole, I will call you Drake in your presence, to others you are Apocolapse."

His eyes narrowed.

"You know what I can do to you."

"Yes, and you are acquainted with the perspicacity that I may be one of the few people to ever perceive how to desist your powers from working."

"Sadly, yes, but beside the point. What are you doing?"

"Currently, I am formulating a stratagem to stop you."

"Why do you need a plan?"

"Simple, they are unorganized and need to be told what to do. I could devote my time doing much more important things, but their so-called leader, Meita, is a complete debacle and doesn't grasp what she's doing. Meanwhile, each member of the team is dealing with their own personal problems which is annoying as hell."

"Then join me."

I think of this and move the idea in my mind a little.

"One moment."

I walk out of the room and walk down to Violet's room. I see quite a few people and begin touching them, instantly gaining their knowledge and information. Quickly after that I walk down the stairs and touch everyone in the living room, then I notice Ian. I touch him too for good measure. Then, I walk back up the stairs, convinced that I haven't missed anyone, and I walk back to Drake.

"Ok, we can leave now."

At this, I walked with him through the hole in the wall, the wall then reformed behind me as both Drake and I walked out of a transpatial portal.

So, Ian was just pulling a masquerade, he does have complete control over his abilities. How drole.

Then, I found myself in a laboratory.

"Let's get to work."

The End

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