Orphian: After venting.

That was rude even to someone who would stab you in the back when he get's his chance.  But I vented some of my pent up anger. If he didn't have creep like apopcalypse hidden in his little underground base. Living because of him I wouldn't be this soar.  Those last few thoughts didn't help my anger. My body began to charge; Crap I had to fire a completly unnesescary lazer and cause trouble. I get my soar bodyup. walk out side release the supercharged particles. It had pierced the sky beautifully as clouds vaperize in the lazers wake. " What to do?"  I was bored , and I wasn't in any shape to train or run around like an ediot.

" No wonder you have no friends are you usally like that?" That ever so irratating voice of apopcalypse asked.

" No!  Its because of him all this sensless crap happened. You , And much of the pain thats been going around." I replied

" Well if you ask me you acted quite aproppiatly."  He said trying to be friendly.

" Don't play buddy with me. And kindly leave me peacefully. I hurt to much physically to take more sensless punishment."

" So would you like me to punish your friends?" He chuckled.

" No! I will repeat myself. Would you kindly leave peacefully?"

" Too late." 

Screaming eminated from the house it was a masculin. I walked in as fast as possible to see Ian screaming in pain inside of Violets room. 

" Ha ha made you move." 

I felt bad for him but at the same time i didn't.

" Hurts doesn't it?" I said , " That would be apopcalypse saying hello. Don't let him say good bye its hurts alot more."

The End

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