Zazi: Dead?

Violet’s dead? The thoughts echo round my head a second after they click in place. I am, at first, being too preoccupied with trying to stop a fight breaking out after Orphian says:

“Oh boy it must really suck to be given a second chance. It must really suck still being alive. "

I glare at him angrily-that was unfair! Orphian is so rude! But I won’t choose between my friends…again.

"My powers don’t work against Zazi's command" Ian hisses, and I put an arm out to stop him lunging at the boys. I didn’t know I had Ian under my control, the voice in my head informs me, Yes, I have even more power now!

“Are you on our side, or did the young lady threaten to kick your ass?” Orphian says, and then I have the overwhelming urge to hit him…

Zazi? Can you hear me? Listen don’t let him get to you. I glance up at Ian, shocked that his powers are returning. He smiles slyly, shh. Don’t worry about it, okay. And suddenly my thoughts are pulled to back to the present, and nothing changes the fact that Violet is dead.

“Violet!” I cry, and run up to the bedroom we shared for the short while I had stayed inside the UNIT, “Let me get to her; she’s my friend,” I barge past people to get to the bloodstained figure on the bed.

“She was everybody’s friend,” Kayden says, kneeling down and putting her hand on my shoulder. In the distance that is real life, I can hear Meita pushing her way through to us. She says something but I don’t hear it; I am lost in my own well of regret and self-pity.

Zaziquita. A voice steps into my well. Get up; mourning won’t help us beat Apocalypse.

“No!” I yell at Ian and the windows smash. At this, I look up, and see that he has entered the room. At least now, some of the attention is divided from my angry outburst.

There are some hateful remarks thrown in his direction, but Ian manages to pull me off Violet whilst whispering in my ear, “you cut off my powers again.”

“Good,” I manage to choke out, “I won’t have a voice nattering away in my head anymore.”

And with that I collapse onto the floor.

The End

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