That hurt. Being out-smarted was really not the thing to make me happy. Combined with Violet's suicide... It was just too much. I couldn't focus. Even though Ashton had shown me the equation, explaining it, I felt that there must be a loophole. If I could create a singularity, wasn't that considered a black hole?

I reached out my hands, and folded time. The bottom of the fold, was what would become the singularity. The end of time for anyone unfortunate enough to fall in. But I couldn't contest Ashton's equations. They had to be right.

But I didn't care anymore. What good would it do me now? Violet... Never again would she be there to tell Tami that muffins were terrible, or to calm us down if things got crazy. No longer would she be there for any of us to have a shoulder to cry on.

Ian, so he was alive, was he? I went to find him. He was there, looking very small and meek beside Zazi. I smiled, a smile contorted out of rage, anger, and satasfaction at seeing him overpowered.

"Zazi, I don't know what you did to him, but good job. Can I kill him now?"

"No, Jade. No." The words sounded final. I felt my pride bristling. Why not? He was the enemy! I decided that I would kill him. He would die. I would make sure about it this time.

"Why?" I nearly snarled, grimacing. Ian shank back. What had happened to him? "Why not?" Zazi came close to me.

"He may be... good. We'll see." I glared at her. But wait... If Ian was good, really, he could help me. A true black hole! If you go in, the gravity pulls you in, at the same time pulling you apart, time stops, and you're thrown back out in the form of radiation particles a few hundred billion years later! Pure time couldn't achieve that.

"I'm going to try and create another black hole. But mine, they are only half of the equation. I'll get Ian to help." I smiled, again, at him cowering. Not so long ago he had made us all feel like that. Like we needed to hide away from the eternal threat. Not now.

Although saddened by the loss of Violet, revenge was sweet. Just the look on his face! I went to the living room to watch another movie. I decided on Contact, rather ironicaly. My favourite movie. I was interested how the writer had actually based all the storyline on, though radical and untested, theories that were being seriously thought about as possible truth.

Dark matter, though, I wasn't a huge fan of. I liked more the idea of a shadow brane. That other world that lies just a hairsbreadth from us. I was quite happy with the thought of the equations involved with it, all perfectly sound. I was desending into a void of absolute bliss. Violet, Ashton, and Ian were far far away.

I was at home. I was sitting at my computer desk, looking at the book in front of me, that lay between the moniter and keyboard. I was reading about quarks, and strange quark stars. And about space and time and everything else that I could fathom.

I suddenly woke up with a start, realizing that it was just a dream. Just a dream...

The End

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