Ashton: Your equation.

After looking at the equation for two minuetes I went to find Jade. She was just walking out of Violet's room.

"Your equation, it will create neither a Schwarzschild nor a Kerr Black Hole. Because, it is dealing with time, a black hole is an entirely spatial distortion, that of course does distort time but time is not what is needed to create it. You require an intense surplus of gravity. What your equation is not related to black holes at all. I believe the equation is Delta Time is equal to the Sun's Mean Anomaly plus the angle from the vernal equinox to the periapsis in the plane of the ecliptic plus the Sun's Right Ascension all divided by the Earth's Rotational Axial Rate."

"No, that wasn't it."

I then showed her the equation again.


"I explained it as the symbols say it. This is not but an equation to measure time on earth, rather the change in time."

Her face went red.

"Now, you need to understand logic, it's pure and simple."

At this, I turned around, walked away, and went back to figuring out the strategy. Then, Jade came by and hit me on the shoulder, instantly a rush of information came to me. I turned to her.

"Why didn't you tell me that Violet was dead?"

"Because you didn't care!"

At this, she ran away and I sat and stared at my strategy, feeling ashen.

Now I have to do the whole strategy all over again without Violet.

The End

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