Orphian: A death and an interesting arrival.

So Violet died. I felt sorry for her and her friends, but I didn't know her well enough. To be up there comforting others it would be disrespectful. I rested my head on the couch. Still quite soar from my Incident with Apopcalypse giving me a reason to fear him.  I closed my eyes.

" Nem when Mr apopopcalypse comes back. Can you turn my pain receptors off till he is gone. Unless he threatens to do more lethal damage if I have them off Okay." I thought to the computer

" Okay." Nemisis responded.

I open my eyes to quite an interesting sight. Ian was on his way in with that girl I had met the other day in the kitchen.  Meita was leading them what an odd sight. The door opens. Mind as well be civil 

" Why hello there Ian I wasn't expecting you to be here just quite yet. So anything interesting besides coming back to the world of living?" I said 

" I can still sense you even without my  powers." He mumble. 

" Oh boy it must really suck to be given a second chance. It must really suck still being alive." I said sarcastically. 

The girl I had met the other day in the kitchen gave me a glare.

" Hello , sorry I forgot your name?" I said

" Zazi." She responded

" Oh thanks. Sorry for that." I said.

" By the way you look like crap. what happened to you?" Ian asked

" Thanks for asking. The guy who killed you. I got on the bad side of. So he likes to enter my mind every now and then and generally irratate and hurt. "

" I see." He replied

" So are you on our side or did the young lady threaten to kick you ass?"  I asked.

The End

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