Zazi: Power And Disturbance

Meita’s reaction is a lot worse than I expected. I had seen Ian help to advance her powers, but never imagined she had become this powerful. One hand is out and already Ian is choking, falling to the floor like a child’s weak rag-doll. I panic and for a moment my heart-rate increases. ‘Oh God I almost lost him again,’ is the only thing I can think.

“No, Meita, stop.” I cry, and try to explain the situation once again.

"My powers don't work against her will and I can't touch her" Ian interrupts me in a whispered voice. Huh? I don’t get that, how did I…Maybe my willpower combined with that machine was stronger that I anticipated. Hmm, I like this control over him. It’s kind of like…feminine empowerment.  

Then Meita bursts out laughing, totally taking all of us off guard. I help Ian up from the floor, feeling the emotional electric shock I get from touching him, and we just sort of stare, side my side, at her. It takes me a minute to realise that I’m still gripping his wrist.

“Sorry,” I blush, and pull my hand away, but our fingers brush. Like branches of the trees nearby. An appropriate metaphor, I commend myself. By now, Meita has finished laughing, but I feel a disturbance in the house.

“Shh. Did you hear that? A scream?”

“I don’t think so,” Ian replies with definite certainty in his voice.

A wind whips up around us; something is unquestionably wrong with the balance in nature…Meita shivers and pulls her thin jacket around herself.

“I know what you mean…Let’s go inside. We have a lot of explaining to do…”

The End

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