Rephy : Violet? VIOLET!

I feel annoyed, not being able to help, not being able to know what's going on, trapped in this stupid stupid Unit. I had walked through the entire Unit so many times, just wandering no where, (walking including on the ceiling and walls.) Maybe Violet would cheer me up? I float upstairs, then knock against Violet's door gently. No answer. It's strangely quiet, but some guitar music plays inside. I hadn't seen Violet downstairs or anywhere else, she must be in her room. I open the door without a sound and creep in, closing it behind me. Then I see the bed.

"AHHHHH!!!" I scream, "Violet? VIOLET!" Violet lay on the bed, with a guilty expression on her face, her eyes closed. A knife in her chest, an unmoving pulse. The bedsheets are red around her body, the bed still. I shake her violently as if it would help. Adam burst into the room, his face full of concern. I look up to him desperately, his face freezes. Why? I look at her walls, full of twilight and Taylor Lautner posters. I look on her table, there must be a clue somewhere. Then I see the note on the table :

Bye, guys. You'll be better off without me, anyways. If you ever see them, tell my Mom and Dad I love them. Keep safe. Violet.

How would we be better without her? What had she done? Nothing. I turn to Adam and hug him, feeling his fingers run through my hair.

The End

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