Zazi: Trust Ian

“Come on, imbecile,” I whisper to the figure that slinks uneasily in the shadow of trees.

“You have no right to talk to me like that,” Ian growls as he slowly walks to where I am, almost at the forcefield.

“I have every right! It’s the way you made me feel when you were in control!” I yell back at him.

Ian lifts his hand to strike me, but suddenly freezes, as though something inside of him compels him to not attack me.

“You wouldn’t do that, would you?” I ask, all tones of menace swept from my voice, replaced now by fear and timidity.

“What did you do to me?” Ian’s voice, too, was filled with fear.

I didn’t do anything; you did it all yourself.” By now we were both whispering and standing side by side. Face to face.

I quickly turn my head away, ignoring the overwhelming feelings, and survey the sight of The UNIT.

“What happened here?!” I can see several holes blown out of the walls and the forcefield looks pretty useless now.  “Now, I know that’s not the way your men work.”

“I told you not to trust those people. Now look what’s happened.”

“But surely it wasn’t…” What? More tension between housemates?

“No. That’s silly. Anyway, come on.” I move through the broken forcefield as easily as if I were moving through plain air.  Ian doesn’t move from his spot.

“I told you, they’re going to hate me.”

“Well, duh. That’s your own fault, isn’t it?”

“Way to make me feel any better!” He snaps.

“Ian! You have changed. I trust you!” I blush. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that. Ian doesn’t seem to notice, though.

“It’s only because I don’t have my Goddamn powers!”

“Do you really believe that…?” I say and with that turn swiftly away from him and march back through the garden into the house.

“Whoa!” I say as Meita storms right into me, “Meita? S’up?”

“He’s still alive!” She cries before pushing a current of air into me and blowing me right off my feet, and several metres back. “Oh, Zazi, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that!”

“It’s okay,” I say, rubbing my bruised head as she helps me up. I’m lucky the grass is so soft. Or maybe I’ve just become stronger-that’s also very likely. “Listen I’ve got to talk to you about Ian-”

“He’s still alive!” She interrupts, and I see her boiling up inside again.

“Okay. Yes, I know. Chill. Meita!” She stops fuming for a second. Long enough for me to regain the conversation.

“He’s changed; we’re against Apocalypse like you. I trust Ian…Please, I ask you to trust him…”

The End

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