Violet: Suicide

I gripped the edge of my bed as I swayed in the darkness. I mumbled randomly, not even aware of what I was saying. The only thing that filled my head was,



You killed Arc.

You're a murderer, Violet! Can't you see that?!

My eyelids flickered open and I ran to my desk. I took a key that I had put in a small, hidden cupboard in the side of the desk. I shoved the key into another hidden drawer. I took out a sharp knife and slung the key back into the cupboard. I took a pen and a piece of paper and scrawled in my clumsy writing:

Bye, guys. You'll be better off without me, anyways. If you ever see them, tell my Mom and Dad I love them. Keep safe. Violet.

I placed the note on my desk and pressed the 'play' button on my CD player. I heard the soft thrums of Robert Pattinson's guitar playing. I looked over to the poster of Taylor Lautner hanging over my bed. I swiftly blew it a kiss.

"Bye Taylor. I love you."

I plunged the knife deep into my chest and felt my body shake. I didn't fight against it this time, I let the blackness win. It welcomed me into it's dark world, and I took it by the hand. The murmers of my own voice and others inside my head started to turn vague. My vision and hearing faded.

And then I was gone.

The End

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