Jade: Equations

I sighed. I hated being the second-smartest. I went to my room to read something. I picked up my favourite book, A Brief History Of Time. I flipped open to the page I wanted to read. I squinted at a particularily small equation to the side of the regular script. That was it!

I grabbed a piece of paper, and started to do the math. I quickly created a black hole at the foot of my bed. "The area of the event horizon of the black hole, Boltzmann's constant, the speed of light, Planck's constant, and Newton's gravitational constant." I muttered. My pencil flew across the page. "Plus the variables."

I suddenly hit a stumbling block. Oh no, I thought. I went, paper in hand, and knocked on Ashton's door. "I have another riddle." I said. He opened the door. I handed him the paper. "I wrote down the variables for it, okay? I need to calculate the entropy of a black hole. More specifically, one of mine, a certain size. I've assumed it's a Schwarzschild black hole, but alert me it it seems to be any different."

"I will do that." he said. I was thinking. If I knew the entropy of the black hole, I could probably find out if I could control it enough to use it for time-travel. If, if, it was possible, then I could do more than just look at them.

I could go inside, and maybe take others with me. According to the grandfather paradox, I probably couldn't influence events, but I would see. I didn't want to try before Ashton did the equations for me. I did not really want to be stuck inside of a black hole.

I went to my room to look at the black hole I had created. I tried to push it into the future, showing the future. But as I didn't know exactly when, it started showing other things. I saw something. Ian? But I knew that it was showing the future.

"Meita!" I nearly screamed. I ran around, looking for her. "Meita! Meita!" I found her, eventually. "Meita!" I said, grabbing her arm. "Ian's not dead!"

"What? Jade, you were yelling in my ear. What are you trying to say?"

"Meita." I whispered. "Ian's not dead."

The End

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