Ashton: Strategy.

As I was working on the strategy Jade decided to come in and bug me.

"Hey Ashton."

"Hello Jade."

"So, what are you doing exactly?"

"I'm aquiring a strategy against Drake."

"Oh, what's my job?"

"To mire the passage of time around him so that every millisecond to him is a millenia to us."

"Can I do that?"


"Ah, I see, anything I can do to help the process?"

"Unless you can strategize, nix."

"Oh, I see. I have a riddle for you."

I continue to think of the strategy.


"What English word retains the same pronunciation, even after you take away four of its five letters?"


"Hmm, OK, how about this one. If your sock drawr has six black socks, four brown ones, eight white and two tan. How many socks would you have to pull out in the dark to be sure you had a matching pair?"

I didn't even look away from the whiteboard.


"OK, Mr. Smarty-pants. Three friends check into a motel for the night and the clerk tells them the bill is thirty dollars, payable in advance. So, they each pay the clerk ten dollars and go their room. A few minuetes later, the clerk realizes he had made an error and overcharged the trio by five dollars. he asked the bellhop to return five dollars to the three friends who had just checked in. The bellhop sees this as an opportunity to make two dollars as he reasons that the three friends would have a tough time dividing five dollars evently among them, so he decides to tell them that the clerk made a mistake of only three dollars, giving a dollar back to each of the friends. He pockets the leftover two dollars and goes home for the day. Now, each of the three friends gets a dollar back, thus they each paid nine dollars for the room which is a total of twenty-seven for the night. We know the bellhop pocketed two dollars and adding that to the twenty-seven dollars you get twenty-nine dollars not thirty dollars which was originally spent. Where did the other dollar go?"

I stopped strategizing and looked at Jade.

"Your math at the end of the riddle is incorrect. There was a total of thirty dollars spent, the clerk gave back five dollars to the patrons, the bellhop took two of the dollars and the triquet got three dollars, there is no missing money."

I then continued strategizing, leaving the blank-faced Jade unhappy. Then, she pivoted on her heel and left the room.

The End

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